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Safety shoes

Work shoes

When it comes to work clothing and accident prevention, it is important to think first of all about the rules for the safety of workers, especially in certain sectors.
Line on Line has selected for the new online shop, a selection of the best work shoes, purchasing according to the standards and needs of many business sectors: well-known brands at really competitive prices that always guarantee professionalism and care in the choice of materials and in the production of footwear and workwear.
Safety shoes are a basic element for the safety and daily activities of masons, construction workers, engineers, mechanics, health and hospital professionals, who must wear appropriate shoes that guarantee hygiene, comfort and environmental friendliness.
Line on Line offers safety shoes for all sectors that use them regularly: from healthcare to catering, from building to the hydraulic industry, from road maintenance to cities to those who make inspections in hazardous environments. Each shoe is well described according to the standards to which it adheres and for the best uses.

Lightweight safety shoes

The top for spring and summer, fresh and never fashionable tomaie, buy light shoes on LineOnLine where you find the best brands, and the most expensive models at the lowest prices on the web. On our store we created a category dedicated to this line of footwear. To face the job in peace, the foot should not be fatigued; this is why the light footwear, in addition to having a small weight, are particularly comfortable thanks to the design of the lining and the ergonomic design of the footbed; nevertheless, never forget the safety of the foot, they are always equipped with anti-perforating foil and fingertips, all made with the latest technology that has allowed to replace textile fibers and other materials as resistant.

Work shoes

Working footwear is needed in many work areas, especially those that require hygienic and safety standards, for outdoor workers or for working in hazardous environments.
Safety shoes are also important for those who, for work or hobby, are in contact with disjointed and insufficiently safe soil parts. Safety must be guaranteed in any weather conditions and also for dense, not necessarily working environment. Even the waterproof and non-slip pvc boots are to be regarded as all-incident injuries shoes. They are suitable for professionally practicing gardening, street and city maintenance. PVC and genuine leather outsole provide resistance in all weather conditions, especially in the event of heavy rain and moisture.
For the healthcare and catering industry, the best-selling safety shoes are work clutches, practical, lightweight and ergonomic, and are the best hygiene care products. They are designed for those who work in kitchens of restaurants and bars, canteens, ambulances, hospitals, medical and dental surgeries because they are very easy to keep clean and are non-slip.


The safety shoes you find on Line On Line follow all the safety rules that are in force today.
The company is backed by the best brands that have been working in the accident industry for many years and have always guaranteed great professionalism in choosing the most suitable materials, water repellent, waterproof, breathable and robust, and in the processing of the same footwear. Some safety shoes provide greater support thanks to different thicknesses along the plantar surface and finger protection. For the care of accident prevention shoes, it is advisable to clean it well after use, removing any residues collected from the ground. Always leave the shoes in the air and away from heat sources and do not use aggressive products such as acids and solvents to clean them: they can compromise their safety and longevity.


Le scarpe antinfortunistiche vengono indossate per buona parte della giornata e spesso, alla fine della sessione di lavoro il piede, il piede risulta bagnato in inverno o sudato e dolorante in estate. Pur non rinunciando alla sicurezza richiesta da normative e buonsenso, dobbiamo scegliere le proprio scarpe antinfortunistiche più adatta alla stagione o al tipo ti lavoro che dobbiamo fare. Le scarpe antinfortunistiche estive risultano fresche e traspiranti, lasciano un piede fresco e asciutto per tutta la durata della sessione di lavoro. Quelle invernali invece lo mantengono caldo, e grazie a tomaie e fodere impermeabili, evitano che si bagni a causa di intemperie e lavori all'aperto. 


Safety shoes are worn for most of the day and often, at the end of the foot session, the foot is wet in winter or sweaty and sore in the summer. Although we do not give up the security required by regulations and are fair, we have to choose your own accident prevention shoes that is best suited to the season or type of work you have to do. Summer safety shoes are fresh and breathable, leaving a fresh, dry foot for the duration of the working session. Instead, winter winters keep it warm, and thanks to uppers and waterproof lining, they avoid bathing due to weather and outdoor work.


These safety shoes have all the construction and safety features of the SB category shoes such as comfort, comfort, fit to shape of the foot, durability, sweat absorption, perspiration, tough attachment between the various parts that make up them, and anti-slip tread also resistant to oils and hydrocarbons. These shoes are different from the category (SB) because they have a toe designed to protect the foot to the highest levels of safety provided by the current accident prevention regulations. Also this particular type of shoe provides heel protection and absorbs shocks. These leather shoes have a resistance to water penetration of about 30 minutes. The sole is antistatic, provided with anti-perforation foil, so that shoes can also be used in the presence of blades, nails, splinters, dangling objects, and dangers of cutting. 


These safety shoes have all the construction and safety features of S1P shoes such as comfort, comfort, fit to foot shape, durability, sweat absorption, perspiration, tenacious attachment between the various parts that make them, durable tread wearers also oils and hydrocarbons. They are also equipped with: anti-crushing tip, heel protection, anti-static sole and perforation. These shoes, unlike the (S1P), also feature leather upper (leather jacket) or any other material treated with water-repellent substances that makes them waterproof for more than 60 minutes. These are therefore safety shoes that are particularly suitable for those working in contact with liquids and in very humid environments.

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