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How to polish granite floor Bellinzoni

How to polish the granite floor is composed of the Bellinzoni Kit for polishing and cleaning Granite floors. The kit solves with the Do-It-Yourself the need to clean wax and polish the granite floors that over time have become opaque from trampling.

  • Bellinzoni Ultra Stripper detergent for deep cleaning of the granite floor and for cleaning joints.

  • Decer Dos Bellinzoni wax remover to remove layers of waxes that have accumulated over time.

  • RR1 Bellinzoni Liquid Wax is a concentrated liquid wax that has to be diluted in warm water to restore the gloss to the granite floor.

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How to polish the granite floor with the Bellinzoni Kit

Granite floors after a few years need to be polished, cleaned so that they resume their initial splendor, If the granite floor is opaque, stains, residues of dirt or layers of wax, surface scratches at this point it is time to intervene with the Bellinzoni kit consisting of:


ULTRA STRIPPER is an alkaline cleaner for marble, granite, cement, gres, ceramic and limestone, very effective for the removal of dirt of any kind: greasy dirt, smog, oily dirt, varnishes and treatments. It is also excellent for the removal of highly resistant metallized wax layers, acrylic and solvent-based waxes applied on floors or walls



Dilute 50/100 ml (1/2 cups of coffee) of ULTRA STRIPPER in one liter of lukewarm water; leave the product to act for a few minutes; rub it with a scrubbing brush. Rinse the floor.


DECER DOS by Bellinzoni removes both natural and synthetic waxes with extreme ease without affecting the natural gloss of granite, marble and stone floors.

Instructions for Use

In the floor application apply the product with a scrubbing brush, mop or in the case of large surfaces, use a mono-brush machine equipped with Scotch Brite® disc (red or green). In case there are more dirt residues repeat the operation. It is very important to rinse the floor well to prevent dirt from drying out again and penetrating into the interstices and joints of the floor; where it is available we suggest (large surfaces) to dry the floor using a vacuum cleaner. The DECER-DOS wax remover can also be used to clean stubborn dirt on marble and limestone without damaging the material's gloss. DECER-DOS can also be used to neutralize treatments previously carried out with acid-based products in order to prevent the acidic components from continuing to work on the treated materials.

Application advice

Dilute the product in water according to the amount of wax and dirt to be removed.

We recommend the following dilutions:

  • To eliminate normal waxes, dilute 50 ml. of product in 1 liter of water and wash with a monobrush or mop.
  • For old waxes 100 ml. of product in 1 liter of water and wash as above.
  • In the case of stubborn dirt increase the concentration of product according to the need.
  • We recommend diluting in warm water.

Read the recommendations printed on the label carefully before use.


R / R 1 liquid wax from Bellinzoni is based on natural and synthetic waxes. Thanks to its use on marble, granite or stone floors, it enhances the gloss. Ideale.per polished floors in marble, granite, marble resin and marble cement. It is a repulidable wax, which resists washing with normal detergents.


R / R 1 liquid wax should be applied to clean, dry and dust-free surfaces. Dilute the wax in a ratio of 1 to 20, in lukewarm water and spread it using a fleece spreader or a mop. Wait for complete drying, then rub vigorously with a woolen cloth or go with a polisher or a mono-brush equipped with a white scotch brite disc. Repeat the applications with periodic expirations according to the treading.


  • Appearance: Liquid;
  • Color: Milk White;
  • Smell: lavender scent;
  • Specific gravity at 20 ° C: 1.00 ± 0.05;
  • Solubility in water: Soluble in any ratio;
  • pH: 7.5 ± 0.02;
  • Storage at 20 ° C away from heat, moisture, sunlight: 24 months in original packaging


The liquid wax RR1 should be applied on clean, dry and free of dust surface. Dilute the wax in a ratio of 1 to 20, in warm water and spread using a spreader fleece or a mop. Wait until completely dry, then rub vigorously with a wool cloth or go with a polisher or with a floor machine equipped with hard white scotch brite. Repeat applications at regular intervals according to trampling.


For the polishing of marble and granite polish and sand over 800 grain with a liter of product, 150/200 m2 can be polished.


For the maintenance of the material we recommend the use of our LAVA AND LUCIDA - AS11 - AS22 detergent. Once the stone has lost its brilliance, we recommend to try again.

Additional Info

Additional Info
Stone type: Granite
Diameter Disc No
Hole No
Marble processing No
Floor polishing No
Abrasives for marble No
Finish use & care Polishes
Colorful abrasive No
Color No
Download the safety sheet No
Download the material safety data sheet N/A
Download the data sheet No
Download the data sheet N/A
Vendors Bellinzoni


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