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General Mastic Vertical Straw

The General straw vertical is a putty mastic  for gluing marble, stone, agglomerates and terrazzo. Stucco for marble with quick grip and good hold.

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General Mastic Straw Vertical

The mastic-stucco General vertical straw glues and repairs marble, natural stone, agglomerates, terrazzo. The marble mast is made of polyester polyester with a quick setting and good hold. Colorable with pigments or coloring pastes.

Key features:

  • High stability
  • High durability
  • High workability


  • Viscosity: Vertical / Solid 250000-300000 cPs
  • Mixing time: 1 minutes Application time: 1-4 minutes Setting time at 20 ° C: 4-6 minutes
  • The temperature of use after hardening: min. 0 ° C - max. 110 ° C
  • Stability: 6 months in original unopened containers at a temperature of 15 ° C-25 ° C


GENERAL putty is suitable for glueing of marble, stone, granite. It is therefore not suitable for the glueing of different materials (iron, wood, glass, etc.).
The polyesters adhesives, when applied on places works in the external environment, can be subjected to variations in the seal until breakage in the presence of strong thermal shock. In such cases, it is appropriate to help to bond with fixed pins or other media suitable for fixing. We recommend the use of pins even when the sealant is subjected to strong loads (ceiling, wall covering, etc.). Laboratory tests show that the mastic, once hardened and cured, also resistant to temperatures below 0 ° C. Given the difference of expansion and / or contraction between the supports (marble, granite, stone) and the mastic, temperatures much below 0 ° C may, however, cause weakenings or separations of the material.


The color tone of the putty, when catalyzed, can undergo variations due to multiple factors:

  • QUANTITY 'OF CATALYST USED, faster or slower in catalysis
  • MORE OR LESS EXPOSURE TO UV RAYS, internal or external environment

If the user performs coloring of the glue with his own materials, being this out of our control, it is difficult to foresee the incidence of such operations on the final quality of the work performed. When, however, the hue of the glue is important, it is essential to have the preliminary approval of the client on a sample, ad hoc prepared, since in this case the aesthetic factor of the whole is of primary importance. Our product must not in any case be mixed with similar products of the competition and must be catalyzed with the supplied catalyst and not with others on the market. When the glue is marked for its color with words such as TRAVERTINO, ROSSO VERONA, ROSA ASIAGO, GRIGIO PIETRA SERENA, BASALTINA,
BOTTICINO, etc., these names are indicative of a key shade and the customer's obligation to verify in the specific case the compatibility of the glue in the application to a certain material remains firm.


The ability to glue and of a polyester adhesive can be subject to variations on account of multiple factors seal. It is therefore recommended:

  • Always keep the well-sealed packages;
  • Apply the adhesive on clean surfaces from dust, dry, not subjected to a source of humidity or heat, not over hot surfaces (use of flames and high temperature), or are subject to more or less violent mechanical stresses.
  • GENERAL The mastic should not be mixed with any similar product.


Polyester putty is widely used in the grouting, understood as the filling of cavities or cracks present in the marble floors, stone, granite. In grouting you must have the following warnings:

  • Avoid grouting for widths greater than 1-1.5 cm
  • The surfaces to be plastered must be clean, free of dust and dry well.


Before applying the stucco for marble, the surface to be repaired must be scraped with abrasive paper, then carefully cleaned, to allow the material to adhere more easily. Put on the gloves and mix the hardener to the grout strictly following the recommended dosage on the package. The stucco is worked with the spatula, which is a metal tool with a wooden handle: the tip serves to collect the material, the back to level it. You can help with your hands in case of precision work. After completing the work, wait for the grout to dry out. The drying speed is indicated on the package: on average it takes about half an hour. However you can check yourself if the drying is complete by touching the putty with a fingertip: if it is hard and does not remain the fingerprint, the material is ready to be sanded and polished with the tools usually used for marble. Tools can be cleaned with ethyl alcohol or pure acetone.


The stucco for marble advantages lies in its excellent stability, the ability to work it with the same machinery used for the marble, in its ability to bond perfectly many types of natural stone.

Additional Info

Additional Info
Finish use & care Putty
Download the data sheet /c/a/cat._general_paglierino__1.pdf
Download the data sheet Download
Download the safety sheet /s/c/sch._sic._general_verticale_e-o_semi-solido.pdf
Download the material safety data sheet N/A
Stone type: Apricena, Limestone, Marble, Cement marble, Stones, Serena Stone, limestone Stones, Porphyry, Trani, Travertine, Cement
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