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How to remove stains and protect the GRANITE Bellinzoni

How to remove stains from granite and protect it - Bellinzoni

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How to remove stains from granite and protect it - Bellinzoni

The worktops of granite kitchen, are among the most valuable, the most solid and the most durable, but damaged by the time that modifies gloss appearance. To keep them clean and shiny just clean them regularly, but the marble or stone surfaces are subject to scratches and stains. Especially in the kitchen are the inevitable accidental drops of food substances like oil, coffee, creating unsightly stains are difficult to remove. If you do not know how to remove stubborn stains from marble top, keep reading this article to know how to remove stains of coffee and those caused by other coloring foodstuffs, as well as eliminate the greasy fingerprints and learn how to do it if restore shine to marble surfaces. Then we recommend the right products to save a lot 'of time, money and effort!


The Mangiamacchia pasta is a product specially formulated for the removal of stains on stone materials such as marble, granite, limestone, slate, terracotta, stoneware and ceramics. Eliminates the most obvious spots of oil, industrial grease, fats, coffee etc ... Its chemical composition allows to absorb in depth are stubborn stains. New water-based formulation.


  • Before applying the product to mix the dough into the jar to mix the components.
  • The dough should adhere well to the substrate to improve its effectiveness. In the removal of oil stains, make sure that the dough is properly applied when it tends to not adhere well.
  • In the event that, after the first application, the stain is not completely gone, proceed to subsequent applications.
  • In case of application with particularly high temperatures, very dry climate or the presence of air conditioning recommend to cover the dough with a plastic film for about 2 hours; this device will keep the wet paste. Then remove the plastic film and wait for the natural drying of the product.
  • Once the treatment with the product, you should wash with LEM-3 detergent to clean any residue.
  • Before use read the recommendations printed on the label and always carry out a preliminary test.


Marble, granite, terracotta, porphyry, concrete, slate, marble-resin, terrazzo, concrete, ceramic and porcelain tiles.


Spatula - Brush


Idea HP

It is specific solvent-based transparent stain for the protection of buildings and stones against the penetration of water, oils, grease and moisture. It allows the stone to breathe. Penetrates deep into the stone, does not change the original color, it does not create any film and the stone excellent protection. The treated stone does not change color after long exposure to UV rays. It prevents the formation of mold and has antifreeze action.


Surface preparation:

The surface must be dry and clean; possibly stains, mildew, crusting must be
removed, otherwise their subsequent removal would be difficult.


Brush, roller, mop, fleece. It is recommended, where possible, brush application as it allows better penetration protection. To use, apply IDEA HP with a brush, pressing lightly to make it penetrate well into the cracks, corners and cavities. It is also possible to apply the protective using a dispenser to spray at low pressure, at a distance of 20-25 cm from the surface and taking care to dab any sagging. Allow the product to air and the material will be protected. If after the application there were any surplus, remove them by rubbing with a rag soaked in the product and in order dab with a dry cloth. During the application and subsequent drying, the temperature of the substrate should be between 10 and 30 ° C. In case of application of the floor with underfloor heating, turn off the heater and let the stone cool completely.


  • It is advisable to apply the product until complete saturation of the stone.
  • On highly absorbent material it is recommended to apply the product 2 times in 2 hours after the first application.
  • Do not dilute the product with other solvents or water as the preparation is ready for use.
  • The material to be treated must be completely dry.
  • Another application system, suitable for small pieces, may be the one for immersion; you can also use a
  • sponge with product and dab the material.
  • Once treated, the stone material must be left to dry for


Marmo, granito, terrazzo, marmo-agglomerato, quarzo-agglomerato, pietre.


For the protection of marble and granite with a liter of the product you can be treated 15/25 m2. Depending on the type and degree of finishing of the
material. In the case of limestone, sandstone, marble / concrete with one liter you can treat 10-15 m2.


For the maintenance of the material we recommend the use of our cleaner LEM3. In case of wear of the stone and as required,
We recommend a re-application of the product.

Additional Info

Additional Info
Stone type: Granite
Diameter Disc No
Hole No
Marble processing No
Floor polishing No
Abrasives for marble No
Finish use & care Protective natural Look
Colorful abrasive No
Color No
Download the safety sheet No
Download the material safety data sheet N/A
Download the data sheet No
Download the data sheet N/A
Vendors Bellinzoni


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