How to remove stains from marble and protect it Bellinzoni

How to protect and remove stains from marble, granite, cotto, slate, concrete, ceramic and gres  - Bellinzoni. 

The Bellinzoni kit for removing marble is made up of the Mangia Macchia (Spot Remover) and the hydro-repellent Idea HP natural effect. With these two products we deal with the removal of stains and the protection of marble, granite and stone.

Kit consisting of:

  • The spot eat (Spot Remover) is an absorbent paste for removing oil, grease and coffee stains on marble, granite, stone, terracotta, slate, cement, ceramic and stoneware.
  • Idea HP hydro-repellent natural effect to protect marble, granite, stone from water, oil and grease does not create anti-aesthetic films.
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How to protect and remove stains from marble , granite, cotto, slate, concrete, ceramic and gres Bellinzoni?

The top kitchen floors and marble or natural stone, are among the most valuable, the most solid and more durable, but many times we do not pay proper attention and let them also stain accidentally in the kitchen where the food substances such as oil, wine coffee, cola stain marble or leave halos aesthetic anti difficult to remove. Hence the need for how to remove the stains from marble, stone or travertine. Bellinzoni with Mangia Macchia or Spot Remover has formulated an absorbent pulp to remove stains from marble, granite, terracotta, stoneware


Pasta Mangiamacchia Spot Remover is an absorbent pulp to remove stains on marble, granite, limestone, slate, terracotta, stoneware and ceramics. Eliminates most of the spots or oil streaks, industrial grease, fats, coffee etc ... Its chemical composition allows to absorb in depth are stubborn stains. New water-based formulation.



Dilute 40 ml of LEM 3 in one liter of warm water; wash with mop, cloth or mop. No need to rinse.


For use with single brush: dilute 30 ml of LEM 3 in one liter of water and wash the floor. Remove the residue with a cloth or Liquid vacuum. Rinse the floor.
For use with a floor cleaning: Dilute 20 ml in a liter of water and wash the floor. For particularly stubborn dirty increase concentrations depending on the intensity of dirt.
Dilutions shown above are subject to change depending on the type and intensity of soil to be removed.


The dilutions indicated are subject to change depending on the type and intensity of soil to be removed.
For use in vertical use a brush to remove dirt.
Before use read the recommendations given on the label you should always make a preliminary test.


Marble, granite, terracotta, porphyry, concrete, slate, marble-resin, terrazzo, concrete, ceramic and porcelain tiles.


Mop - Mop - single discs - Scrubbers


For washing and cleansing of the marbles can be treated 250/300 m2 per liter of product.

How to polish marble


The glossy neutral liquid wax, intensifies, revives, marble, and granite petra with a nice wet look. It does not create film and does not yellow. Dries quickly and shines with ease. The liquid wax Bellinzoni is a solution to how to polish the matt marble.


The liquid wax is used by hand or by machine. Spread evenly onto cleansed surface and well dry and free of dust. Let dry about 10 minutes. To get a brighter gloss is recommended to wipe with a dry cloth or with the fine steel straw (not soap), or even with a brush. For automatic polishing you can use a low-speed angle grinder (max. 2000 rpm) equipped with felt disc or headset cloth. In the case of floor application, the polishing is carried out with rotary machine with steel wool or polishing machine from the floor with headphones for polishing or steel wool.


To facilitate the penetration of the preparation is recommended to heat the slab to be treated; this process allows the opening of the porosity, the deep penetration of the wax, and then an excellent result.
 To delay drying wax is recommended to dilute the mixture with solvent-based mineral spirits up to 15%.
 We do not recommend the application of synthetic materials such as plastic, linoleum and laminate.
 Before use read the recommendations printed on the label and always carry out a preliminary test.
 We recommend using the preparation of Liquid polished material up to 800 grain.


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